Compostable Coffee and Tea Paper



Compostable paper for Coffee and Tea


As we all know, nowadays products that contain plastic but are not compostable can become a big problem. This concern has inspired us to develop a new family of products called COMPOFILT.


Our new COMPOFILT meets the EN 13432 standard for compostability of materials, which naturally disintegrates in 10 weeks. COMPOFILT also has the four-star OK Biobased certification, which indicates the highest percentage of renewable raw materials.


Our new filter paper offers a plastic-free and certified compostable alternative. The technology consists of replacing plastic with PLA, a material that has the same properties, but is renewable, biodegradable and compostable.


PLA is a biopolymer derived completely from sugar extracts of annually grown plants (maize). PLA meets the food contact requirements for the hot beverage industry and is compostable according to EN13432.


100% renewable and compostable

  • Substance: 16,5 to 35 g/m2
  • Composition: Blend of abaca fibres, cellulose and PLA.
  • Heat-sealable tea bags and Pods, Pads and Coffee Capsules.
  • It offers consistent extraction quality and minimal coffee grounds in the cup.
  • It offers excellent brewing capacity and good retention of tea particles.
  • Ranges:
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Unbleached

Key Properties:

  • Compostable, certified by TUV Austria
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent runnability
  • High yield
  • Good wet and dry strength
  • Neutral odour and taste