• SIAL The Global Food Marketplace 2012
  • With the number 8 pavilion dedicated to the Tea industry, Sial  Paris is always a good place to meet important Companies  specialised in  the tea industry .

    Once again this year, SIAL will be held in conjunction with IN-FOOD (Semi-processed Food Products, Ingredients and Outsourcing) and IPA (the Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition) to offer the richest experience of the year.

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    We attended SIAL  2012  in Paris last 24th October, 2012, and it was great to see so many business men and women related to the Tea Industry , mainly located in pavilion 8, but also strategically distributed in other pavilions.

    From our talks with  the tea Industry people, the Exhibition was positive and many customers , potential customers and suppliers  attended and got interested in the tea products exhibited there, so … à bientôt  SIAL  !!

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