Our new premium pasting tissue paper, NOVAPLATE, suits the requirements of continuous grid pasting technologies for the production of flooded lead-acid batteries.

In Terranova Papers we render the properties of paper to assure good runnability in the plate production line and achieve a high productivity.

Terranova Papers has a team with a long experience in papermaking; our Technical Department continuously develops new products and it allows us to find specific solutions for our clients. We have the most qualified people and the most advanced technology.


  • Our Grades:
    Main characteristics
    SUBSTANCE: 12,5 g/m²
    COMPOSITION: 100% pure cellulose fibers.
    Chloride content < 100ppm
    Iron content <50ppm
  • Key Properties:
    Low basis weight > Lower cost
    High porosity and water capillary rise > Better adhesion to the plate
    High wet strength > Efficiency and runnability
    Pure paper > Extended battery life