Adhesive tapes



Adhesive tapes


NOVATAPE is the category of papers designed to be used as tissue carriers for adhesives tapes, especially double-sided tapes.

NOVATAPE qualities offer high performance in coating units and excellent adhesive tape properties for a wide range of applications, from sanitary and healthcare to industrial uses.

Terranova Papers is committed to product and process innovation in order to find solutions for all our customers requirements.

Terranova Papers’ NOVATAPE grade is a natural carrier for the production of double-sided adhesive tapes. It is ideal for use in the automotive, electronics and construction industries.


Main features:

  • Substance: 13 to 17 g/m2
  • Composition: 100% pure cellulose fibers.
  • Paper with wet tensile strength.

The NOVATAPE R quality is our natural choice for the production of double-sided adhesive tapes that need to be re-pulpable.


Main features:

  • Substance: 13 g/m2
  • Composition: pure cellulose fibre.
  • The final product is easily repulpable.

Key Properties:

  • Superior sheet formation
  • Good transparency
  • High mechanical properties
  • Excellent runnability in the coating unit