• Biofach 2013
  • BIOFACH was held last 13 – 16th February 2013.  As per the information mentioned in their own web site, the show attracted more than 41.000 visitors from 129 countries and at this year edition there were 2,396 Exhibitors .

    BIOFACH is a fair all related to Organic products. Tea packers were well represented in the  Exhibition .  When I asked what Organic meant for tea people, they told me that Organic tea  is coming from tea plantations that do not use any pesticide or chemical in the growing process of the tea plant .

    The exhibition has strict admission criteria based on international organic certification and control regulations. It guarantees exhibitors and visitors that all products at the event are certified either according to EU regulations or to the requirements of the IFOAM Organic Guarantee System. Also the “Nürembergmesse “ web site  confirms that the demand for Organic products will continue to grow in the next years .

    All those points above make of Biofach a must-visit show  for all the people focused in the Organic business .

    By the way, we also learnt that there is always a “ Biofach Party “ on Thursdays in different Restaurants near the Venue, organized by different Exhibitors where you can chill out , meet people and discuss topic issues  all concerning this Big Organic World .

    Inagural Session Conferences









    Inagural Session Conferences

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