• 2nd Africa Tea Conferences – Kigali, Rwanda
  • 2nd September, 2103.

    With more than 300 delegates from all the corners of our world: Netherlands, South Africa, Bangladesh, Japan, Malawi, Sudan, Tanzania, UAE, Pakistan, Uganda, Indonesia, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Oman, United States, Burundi, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, India, Italy, Argentina, Spain …. and of course Rwanda, the 2nd African Tea Convention took place last 28 – 30th August in Kigali at the great Serena Kigali Hotel.

    The following topics among others, were up for discussions: Tea products diversification (purple tea example ), new concepts in withering, Tea 2030, Insights on Beverage marketing ….. and fascinating stories on how the tea was introduced in Africa and specifically in Rwanda.

    Rwanda´s tea production is almost fully exported (98% of the production) and has gained enormous global acclaim because of its high quality. Rwanda tea is planted on high attitudes and it is free of pesticides.

    President of Rwanda, Mr. Paul Kagame addressed himself to the audience with a positive and enthusiastic speech and urged tea producers to tap into the high value and specialty tea market, and adopt new technologies to keep tea competitive on the global beverage market.

    Rwanda will expand its production capability shortly with 5 more Tea factories, which was regarded also as an investment opportunity.

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